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Blackberry Application Development

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BlackBerry is one of the leaders in Smart phone industry due to its flexibility of custom application development for range of industry, business needs and business types.
Blackberry OS application development services are in great demand as more that 14 million people worldwide rely on their Blackberry devices, whether PDA's, smartphones or both, to stay in touch with work, their clients, and receive information on the move. Blackberry devices are the leading name in secure, user-friendly wireless access to enterprise email, calendar, messages, videos, board meetings and much more.
BlackBerry Business Solutions allow you to connect and collaborate wherever you are. Not just through email, personal information management and voice, but with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), field service, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, Internet and intranet access, instant messaging and more—all the tools and applications necessary for you to make important decisions quickly.

We have experts programmer who can work for building Blackberry Application Development, Blackberry Mobile Application & WAP Development, Blackberry Programming. We can make third party Blackberry applications for this revolutionary device. If you need experienced professionals to take care of your Mobile Phone applications development, you've already found a reliable partner.


Planning For Blackberry | Playbook Development ?

We have vast experience in Custom Blackberry Application Development for Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Playbook and other Blackberry devices and now also for Blackberry Storm. We build custom applications which suit your need and also make use of the unique features like touch screen and accelerometer if the application requires.


  • Wifi and GPS dependent
  • Google Maps
  • J2ME
  • Web Services
  • Multimedia support

MultiVision Technosys develops Blackberry OS application on the Blackberry J2ME and MDS platforms and our Blackberry services include the following:

  • Custom Blackberry Software Application Development
  • Blackberry E-Commerce Solutions
  • 3rd Party Application Porting on Blackberry Devices
  • Blackberry Games Development
  • Rich Multimedia Applications Development for Blackberry
  • VoIP Solutions for Blackberry Smartphones
  • Blackberry GPS Applications Solutions
  • Blackberry Client/Server Application Development
  • Blackberry Porting and Handset Testing Solutions
  • J2ME to Blackberry Migration Services

"To Provide Excellence in Mobile Apps Development"


Why Blackberry | Playbook ?

Applications bundled with the Blackberry include camera, SMS, calendar, stocks, weather, maps, clock, calculator, notes, media player and many more. The iPhone operating system is capable of supporting the bundled and future applications from its maker as well as from third-party developers. Add to this the exciting news that the Blackberry makers will allow the third-party Blackberry application development. This has led to a good deal of activities around Blackberry application programming and several Blackberry application development services have set up shop to serve the potential demand for customized iPhone application.
  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Games
  • Utility application


For instance, they frequently need to verify, reply to and manage their emails, see calendar for appointments, update the contacts, browse the Web, instruct the employees through SMS, and use the calculator. They might also need to know weather conditions for visits outside their city or the country, plan their itinerary, book and confirm travel tickets and hotels, rely on the GPS to guide them and reach the place of appointment, and remain in touch with the office through conference calls. In addition, enterprise applications allow them to keep abreast of business operations and activities such as manufacturing, supply chain management, financial and many others.

In short - email, calendar, contacts, web browsing, enterprise applications, visual voicemail, SMS, calculator, GPS, weather forecast - these are some of the essential business applications that a businessperson can’t do without. We have enough resources for development of custom business applications for iPhone. We are in the process of creating enterprise applications. If you are interested in business applications, then contact us for your special needs.

  • Blackberry Business / Finance Application
  • Blackberry Education / Entertainment/ Games Application
  • Blackberry Health / Fitness/ Lifestyle / Music and Navigation
Popular Blackberry phones include the Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold. MultiVision Technosys has proven expertise in custom software application development for both Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold.
Blackberry Storm is a new player in the expanding market of touch screen mobile phones. The smartphone is packed with a lot of multimedia features and is the first from Blackberry to feature a touch screen and an accelerometer along with other regular Blackberry features like Built-in GPS, Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, Wireless Email, Organizer, and Browser..

Next to the mobile phone and SMS, games are perhaps the most popular feature of the Blackberry and all similar touch screen mobile devices. People now indulge in leisure activities while on the move. For those already hooked on the Blackberry and for those yet to acquire this gizmo, games is perhaps one of the irresistible features. With the largest LCD screen comparable to other devices in its class, Blackberry games offer a matchless gaming experience. Games for Blackberry are one area that demands rigorous standards and skills on part of our Blackberry game developer team. We have a small yet qualified and efficient team of programmers and software engineers who constantly seek to develop game for Blackberry Devices.

Our Developers

Our Expert team can create mobile Apps and web applications for your small or large online requirements that may comprise of various levels of complexity, security and user activities. We have expert web site designers and mobile application developers to garner the complete power of Apps.


Core Team:

  • 15+ Blackberry App Programmers
  • 40+ Blackberry Apps Deployed
  • 100% Approval Guarantee in Blackberry Market-Place
  • 4+ Years of Experience Excellent User Interface Designers.


We have a dedicated team of expert Blackberry application developers which has vast experience in developing various applications for Blackberry in varied areas of application. With our expertise we provide you a cost effective solution which is optimized to your requirements, whether big or small.
MultiVision Technosys has expertise in the development of applications for popular BlackBerry devices. We will assist you in developing Blackberry Storm Applications, BlackBerry Bold Applications and BlackBerry Curve Applications for various industries and business types according to your needs.

"The quality of services at MultiVision TechnoSys is not based on the size of the project. We believe in giving our best in everything we do."

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