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MultiVision TechnoSys offers Mobile Website Design and Web Development Services to mark and execute your mobile phone web presence. The progressive advent of .mobi, handheld accessible websites and devices is similar to a second internet revolution as entire waves of market sectors increasingly rely on their web enabled cell phones to access information and services on the go. We build complete, standards compliant mobile, PDA and handheld enabled websites in accordance with the W3C using best mobile web practices for optimal site visitor usability and search engine optimization.


Planning For Mobile WAP Development?

Our Expert team can create mobile WAP sites, Apps and web applications for your small or large online requirements that may comprise of various levels of complexity, security and user activities. We have expert web site designers and mobile application developers to garner the complete power of Apps.

MultiVision TechnoSys will give you the following advantages:

  • Reach the mobile phone & handheld device market before your competitors
  • Modify an existing website or create a new mobile and handheld enabled design
  • Enable customers to make payments and buy services from their phones
  • Get user friendly, visually appealing mobile websites.
  • Develop and design websites that are search engine responsive.


"To Provide Excellence in Mobile WAP"


Why use Mobile WAP ?

We can help you in developing diverse and unique mobile wap applications to meet your business and personal needs. Our tech-savvy and meticulous developers ensure the final application to be cost effective.
Services Offered:

  • Programming services on Windows Mobile Pocket PC based Devices
  • Connected and Disconnected Mode Application
  • Synchronization with your Enterprise Database SQL / Oracle
  • SQL Mobile & Oracle Lite Support
  • Integration with Enterprise Database using XML / Replication
  • Windows Mobile 5.6/6.0/7.0/8.0 Development
  • iOS, iphone, iPad compatible website development
  • Android smart phones & tablets wap development
  • Mobile enabled website development

Our Developers

We are proficient in designing website that can be accessed easily on your mobile phones supporting businesses and industrialists who are looking to benefit from adopting this exciting new technology. Our dedicated team has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience. Contact us to get more information or to hire a programmer and take advantage of our professional developers and their services.

Core Team:

  • 12+ Mobile WAP Programmers
  • 25+ WAP Apps Deployed
  • 100% Compatible with Standard Devices
  • 4+ Years of Experience Excellent User Interface Designers.


We offers specific development services for Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry  platform, Our developers and programmers are expert in creating mobile website, application, testing and porting it to mobile devices. We can develop different kind of applications and smart applications which synchronizes internet and mobile platform.

"The quality of services at MultiVision TechnoSys is not based on the size of the project. We believe in giving our best in everything we do."

  • Excellent work..! We will definitely work together again. Their turnaround time exceeded my expectations.

    By K. Pendse
  • Project delivery is as per the schedule, highly professional and delivered according to the expectations.

    By Patrick Es.
  • It was quite difficult to get hold of the right contractor who would deliver the work in accordance to our needs.

    By MobizApps.
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